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New year new decade. 

It's the new year, we want to do everything right and change everything right now, we want to make big changes to our lives, we want to start our new chapter with a bang or a fresh start but realistically we quite often just set ourselves up to fail resulting in us feeling down and deflated, let's face it January is a hard month as it is without feeling like this. Most important thing is to do something or all you will ever get is what you have now.

So.. If we keep our goals and resolutions small and realistic we can make it a better start to the year, it's not just January we could set goals for we can set ourselves small goals and resolutions every week.

Take each day as it comes, take a each challenge as it comes, try facing them one at the time not all at once. Sometimes the hardest decision is often the best way to make our life the easiest but we shy away from it and pick the easy way out resulting in making our lives harder.

Don't carry negative feelings into the new year, Forgiveness is not about letting someone off with treating you bad. It's about allowing yourself to be free of the pain and anger you are feeling.

Let go of things that no longer suit you, if it doesn't make you happy stop it.

Take up something that soothes your soul and makes you smile. Even if its something small.

Bad things happen, it's how we react that's gives us the outcome. So think about your reaction to see if you can change the outcome.

Understand everyone is different, we don't need to be right or have the last word all the time. Respect thats someone else's view and we may not agree but that's OK, we don't have to agree.

We all put unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others.

January 1st is just another day but its what you do that will make it amazing

Happy New Year 2020 🎉

Louise Bailey 🦋

Instagram @reflection.therapy

Facebook @reflectiontherapywidnes

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